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The PALATA project on Holečkova Street is set in a location under Strahov that is attractive in many ways and will provide peaceful housing near the Kinský Garden, close to the centre of Prague. It is a traditional residential area where there are well-established shops, services, transport links and all other infrastructure elements. The Anděl shopping and cultural centre is within easy reach.

The building will contain only 31 apartments and 1 studio, meaning that Real-Treuhand is continuing with its long-term concept of building small-scale, architecturally unique residential buildings in well-established Prague locations. The building’s architecture is based on the specific layout of the construction lot, making maximum use of its shape. The part of the lot that is not built on will be planted with a garden with relaxation zones accessible only to residents.

The project Palata will be completed in the IV. Q. 2018




The unique, timeless architecture of the Na Korábě residential complex designed by the renowned studio of AULÍK FIŠER ARCHITECTS combines state-of-the-art construction with precise interior and exterior design. The complex is situated in a calm area of Prague 8 at Na Korábě street, providing comfortable and modern living.

The complex is surrounded by the parks on the slope of the Vltava valley and has a beautiful view over the river and Prague panorama (Hradčany, Vítkov). This area is and always has been one of the most favourable locations to live in Prague. The complex is only a skip away from all the comforts of urban life – schools, medical facilities, sports centres, shops and restaurants.

Access to the area is made easy by an excellent connection to Prague’s inner road circuit, while a tram stop is not far away.

The building has its own garden, complete with children’s playground. The garden will be planted with carefully chosen decorative vegetation.


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Residence 142 is an ideal home for a cosmopolitan person looking for original design housing in combination with perfect location and civic amenities. This exceptional building arose in Prague 5 on the hillside between Malvazinká and Radlická streets and offers unique views of the surrounding greenery and of Prague.

At present the last two apartments in the project are available – two-floor penthouses with unique views of Prague.

Step into a world of luxury and enjoy perfect privacy on one of the two spacious terraces. Savour a glass of champagne in your own Jacuzzi while you gaze at the stars.

Each 157 m2 apartment has a variable floorplan. Another option is to combine both penthouses together. Would you like a loft, 2 or 3 bedrooms? It´s all up to you. The project architect, Jan Šesták, will be entirely at your disposal to help you plan your new home as a gift from the project developer REAL-TREUHAND.

This marriage of unique architecture, excellent location and high standard of fittings offers housing for the most demanding clients. A metro station, shops, schools, a swimming pool and tennis courts are all nearby.

The residential part is cleverly separated from Radlická Street by an atrium and low-lying administrative building. Among the great advantages of the project are its south-facing orientation, large French windows, roof terraces and cascading front gardens.

The entry to the garage and the main entrance to the building are on Radlická Street, and a footpath behind the building connects project .142 with the peaceful villa district of Malvazinka.


Victoria Košíře, the latest residential project by developer Real-Treuhand, is exceptional for its location in the tranquil Košíře quarter of Prague and its sensitive incorporation into the surrounding homes. Gardens created in the space between the three connected buildings will provide residents a pleasant place for relaxation.

The project will include 76 apartments with layouts ranging from 1 + kitchenette up to 4 + kitchenette with an area of 32 sqm to 120 sqm. Residents are provided with storage cellars and parking spaces in an underground parking garage. The flats are ideal for families and people of all ages interested in owning their own home in a quiet residential quarter.

Nearly all flats have a balcony, loggia, terrace or front garden. The upper floors provide stunning views of Prague and the surrounding green spaces.

Several parks are located in the immediate vicinity, including Cibulka, Kavalírka, Klamovka and the wooded Vidoule natural landmark forming an important landscape element. Košíře is rightfully known as the ‘lungs of Prague’.

Although the historical centre of the capital city is within easy reach, Košíře retains its original unique quality.

Located nearby are all civic amenities, an elementary and nursery school, high school, stores and a sports centre. The Kavalírka tram stop is located in close proximity to the project, and the Nový Smíchov shopping centre and the Anděl metro station can be reached in under 10 minutes.

The project VICTORIA KOSIRE will be completed in the III.Q. of year 2019.



The Biskupská 8 residence represents a unique opportunity of elegant living in the heart of the city of Brno. Comfort, location, style and prestige of the house together with its quality and historical value will satisfy all your requirements. As the owner of an apartment in this house, you will become a part of a place with a unique atmosphere, part of the city’s history and culture. You will be the one living here, so why not make the others a little jealous…




The modern PODZÁMČÍ residential and commercial project is situated in the very heart of the royal town of Hluboká nad Vltavou.

The town of Hluboká nad Vltavou was chosen as the construction site due to its unique location and amenities. The full range of civic amenities are combined here with the town’s history and beauty of the surrounding countryside, all beneath the beautiful Hluboká Chateau. The PODZÁMČÍ project was built in the town centre, on the corner of Masarykova and Zborovská, next to the neo-Gothic Church of St. John of Nepomuk.

The aim was to construct a modern building with high quality apartments and commercial space made up of two interconnected buildings. Architecturally, the building has been designed with maximum emphasis on harmony of aesthetics and functionality in response to modern housing trends, as well as the requirement for civic amenities.

Podzámčí project offers an impressive commercial/office space to buy or rent in a modern shopping arcade. The arcade is accessible from the main street Masarykova and also from Zborovská. You will find commercial space ranging in size from 20.23 m2 to 352.64 m2.

Thanks to the beauty and fame of its chateau, Hluboká nad Vltavou is a popular tourist destination among Czech and foreign tourists.


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Prodej moderního obchodního prostoru v centru Huboké nad Vltavou

Prodej moderního obchodního prostoru v centru Huboké nad Vltavou

Nabízíme k prodeji moderní obchodní prostor o ploše 124,65 m2 přímo v centru Hluboké nad Vltavou. Prostor se nachází v přízemí novostavby přímo u ústí turistické trasy vedoucí k proslulému zámku. Prostor má velkou výlohu a vchod přímo z ulice Masarykova. Je řešen jako open-space s možností členění dle potřeb provozu. Zavedena přípojka vody, kanalizace, telefonu, elektřina 220V/380V, v prostoru je vzduchotechnika. Možnost vybudování vlastního sociálního zázemí, jinak je k dispozici společné v obchodní pasáži. Všechny energie vč. vytápění jsou měřeny individuálně. Prostor má vlastní výtah, k dispozici i nákladová rampa pro zásobování. Možnost dokoupit garážová stání.
Price: CZK 3.790.000,-
Prodej nového komerčního prostoru v moderní obchodní pasáži v centru Hluboké nad Vltavou

Prodej nového komerčního prostoru v moderní obchodní pasáži v centru Hluboké nad Vltavou

Rádi bychom Vám nabídli k prodeji zbrusu nový komerční prostor s rozlohou 38,65 m2 v moderní obchodní pasáži v centru Hluboké nad Vltavou. Pasáž se nachází v multifunkčí novostavbě na frekventované turistické cestě k proslulému zámku. Vstup do pasáže je přímo z hlaní ulice Masarykova a pak i z vedlejší ulice Zborovská vždy přes prosklené posuvné dveře. Jednotka je v části směřující do pasáže tvořena prosklenými stěnami. Je zde zavedena telefonní linka, voda, vzduchotechnika a el. zabezpečovací zařízení. Podlaha je betonová a je tak možno položit na ni povrch dle potřeby. Jednotka má individuální měření vody, topení i elektřiny. Vzhledem ke své atraktivní poloze je vhodná jak na investici tak na vlastní využití bez zbytečných nákladů v podobě měsíčního nájemného. K jednotce lze přikoupit garážová stání v podzemním podlaží domu.
Price: CZK 990.000,-